"2 For The Show" FAQ



First, a little bit of history!

Both of them have years of musical experience, and they have been entertaining audiences for most of their lives. Fate would bring them together on stage in 2011; they had the pleasure of meeting for the first time when John's trio, The Blue Kazoo was playing at The Claddagh Irish Pub in Toledo. Ben asked to sit in with the group. Being dually impressed with Mr. DeLong's abilities, it was not long before The Blue Kazoo invited Ben to turn the trio into a quartet.

One night after a Blue Kazoo performance, John and Ben stopped for a drink and wound up at a local tavern in Point Place. The management encouraged them to set up and play, leading to an impromptu gig. They were hired on the spot, and "2 for the Show" has been playing regularly all around town since. Be sure to check out their Calendar and come out for some grub, a beer and fun with "2 for the Show"!

FAQ for "2 For The Show"

Q: Does "2 For The Show" travel?
A: Yes, absolutely, "2 For The Show" will perform everywhere and anywhere 2 or more people gather with a desire to be entertained. Email them for availability:

Q: Does "2 For The Show" play private parties, birthdays, anniversaries etc.?
A: They do! No function is too big or too small. "2 For The Show" provides music and entertainment for all ages. From corporate events to back yard parties, they do it all. Email them for more info:

Q: Can I book "2 For The Show" for my wedding?

A: Of course you can, "2 For The Show" would love to help make your big day memorable!- Email them for more info:

Q: Where can we see "2 For The Show" play?

A: For upcoming shows please visit "2 For The Show" schedule page.

Q: Can my company hire "2 For The Show" to play our corporate event?

A: Sure. A "2 For The Show" performance would help make your corporate event a success! Please email them for more info:

Q: How do I know if "2 For The Show" is available for a booking?

A: Sending"2 For The Show" an email is the best way to find out. Email them for more info:

Q: Can "2 For The Show" play at my favorite local tavern?

A: Of coarse they can. Email them for more info:

And the Smiles Are On Us!